Playing Rock 'n Roll in its purest form, Shagging Ponies shows the world that music is entertainment, not business. Having started out as a coverband, all those years ago, they built a name for themselves in the Glamrock community. Originally a hairmetal band, the Ponies have evolved into a sleazy contemporary version of the notorious rockbands spawned by the 1980's.

Nowadays, Shagging Ponies is not only known for their energetic live shows, but also for the creativity and humour in their own original songs. While recording their debut album, to be released on the 6th of February 2016, the Ponies keep the gigging machine fully powered and are always looking for ways to entertain you!

Refusing to be held back by common sense, these boys laugh in the face of mediocrity and thrive on being excessive in just about anything!

Bad boys with great big hearts, always making time for a chat with their own fanbase and have a pleasant conversation about long legs, boobs (big or small) and hairy vaginas.

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll? Shagging Ponies are its new ambassadors.

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