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October 13, 2016


For over six years, we've been gigging, writing, recording, shooting, screwing up, fighting, partying, working our asses off and having the time of our lives. 
All at the same time! We've had some amazing shows, wrote a bunch of songs we're still proud of, met interesting people and pissed them off.

We feel that it's time to do things a little differently. So for the next 12 months, the Shagging Ponies gigging machine will be turned off. That means we won't be playing live for at least a year, except for maybe when they invite us to play at the Coachella festival or something. We'll delete this message when that happens, but it might not be wise to hold our breaths.
That's right, we have a modest side!

Don't worry, we're not gonna dissappear altogether! Gonzo, Flying Vinnie V and Dr. Fill have a bunch of other bands they'll be enjoying themselves with and Paolo and Lou will probably sit around, drink beer and write songs. GREATEST tITS won't be the last shit you motherfuckers get to hear us play! We'll keep you up to speed, we promise!

Our well deserved vacation starts on Halloween, which means our last gig will be on the 29th of Rocktober in Wormerveer. You should be there to wave at us as we board the plane of relaxation.

May 22, 2016


After Johnny Bronco left the band, several temporary Ponies accompanied Shagging Ponies during the live-shows and made sure there was always a second guitarist on stage with Dave Gonzo. There was still some insecurity about Bronco's return, though, and while Gonzo and DeScorpio were hoping he'd one day come back..... He didn't....
The show had to go on, so an ad was posted on social media, with the Ponies asking for a filthy son of a bitch to once and for all fill Johnny's boots and be a full-fledged member of the dirtiest rockband in Europe. No less than 7 guitarists showed up at the auditions for a new Shagging Ponies guitar hero, but as soon as Flying Vinnie V. showed up, we all knew. He looked, smelled, acted and played like a Pony. So we accepted him into our ranks and we'd like to proudly present him to you! Welcome, Vinnie!

February 11, 2016


The long awaited Shagging Ponies debut album is finally here! Are you too lazy to get your ass to one of our shows? No problem! Buy a CD in our webshop! Are you too cheap to spend the money on some real rock 'n fuckin' roll? No problem! Check us out on Spotify! It's free if you don't mind the fucking ads in between your Shagging Ponies songs... If you do have some money to spend, if you're dying to see us play live: Come and get some at one of our gigs!

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